Our long-lasting liquid original indicator solution

Indicators and reagents for measuring a wide range of water parameters are used for Heyl Testomat® measuring technology.

The production of indicators and reagents for our measuring technology has been carried out at the parent company since the company was founded over 60 years ago. It was here that the first patent for a long-lasting liquid indicator solution was registered over 60 years ago.

Only with original indicators as well as original reagents from Heyl you will get precise measurement results for a safe operation of your water treatment plant.

For the analysis process, our Testomat® instruments use liquid durable indicators and reagents to determine the measurement parameter you require. The indicator or reagent is titrated dropwise into the measuring chamber via the metering pump until the color change occurs or the color intensity is measured. To achieve precise and reliable measurement results, use only the original indicators and original reagents from our Heyl parent company.

The original indicators and original reagents for the Testomat® world of instruments from Heyl offer you reliable and precise determination of extensive analysis parameters in different types of water:

  • all areas of drinking water
  • groundwater and surface water
  • waste water
  • cooling & boiler water
  • water in all public swimming pools & SPA facilities

By using the original Heyl indicators and Heyl reagents we enable an exact measurement of the required parameters in the field of water hardness as well as the non-hardness parameters. These convince by their stability and quality.

Water analysis with the first patented long-life liquid indicator solution:

Accurate dosing in our Testomat® instruments, easy handling and long shelf life make Heyl indicators the preferred high-performance liquid indicator system to measure the water parameters you require.

Depending on the type of instrument and analysis parameter, our indicators are available in 100 ml or 500 ml per bottle.

All analysis indicators offered by us are excellently matched to the measurement parameters in water analysis.

Thus, the monitoring of water treatment can be successfully verified and allow you to safely meet the regulatory and industry standards.

In our online store for original indicators you will find the entire product portfolio for the Testomat® instrument world Testomat® 2000, Testomat® Eco, Testomat® EVO TH, Testomat® LAB, Testomat® 808, Testomat® F-BOB.

Indicator is a key factor in measurement technology

Indicators and indicator chemistry enable color comparison or matching by titration into a water sample.

Online titrators are measuring instruments that enable very good measurement results to be objectified by means of the color change. The measurements are comparable to laboratory results.

Heyl indicators have stood for high-quality chemical titration for well over 60 years.

For testomats, the original indicator is always recommended. The reasons are easily explained:

  1. not every indicator (or reagent) works with the same buffer solution, for example.
  2. the manufacturing specifications are tested and verified in-house, therefore e.g. the shelf life is also assured. (Many competitors state higher shelf lives. - "But who leaves his indicator lying around for almost two years to then check its effect?")
  3. the entire system is geared to Testomat® use and, above all, thus enables optimized consumption with the best results.
  4. third-party indicators reduce the warranty period to the shortest legal warranty period in the world.
  5. a chemical analysis of the indicator can lead to the conclusion that "wrong" indicator was used and an equipment or work malfunction is due to it.
  6. neither the ingredients of the indicators must be the same, nor their proportion in the particular indicator.

Definition of indicators is (among other things) in chemistry a substance or chemical formulation used to monitor a chemical reaction or condition. Often the change is expressed by a color change.

In addition to decades of experience, we have our own chemistry laboratory and chemical development department, which consistently ensures the highest quality of indicators.

Chemistry has been our business from the very beginning and thus for more than three generations already.

Our unique consumption calculator for optimized use of chemicals

Calculate your optimized consumption with the help of our new unique calculation tools for original indicators and original reagents.

The consumption calculation for original indicators depends on:

  • The instrument type
  • The measurement parameters
  • The limit values
  • The measuring ranges

and determined for the following measuring parameters:

  • Residual hardness
  • Carbonate hardness
  • minus m-value
  • p-value

With our reagent consumption calculator, the optimization calculation is performed according to the desired measurement parameter. The instrument type is assigned automatically.

The tool is for calculating the consumption for the following measurement parameters:

  • Bromine
  • chlorine dioxide
  • Chromium VI
  • iron
  • Total chlorine
  • Free chlorine
  • polymer
  • Silicate
  • Sulfite
  • Ortho Phosphate

You can calculate your individual consumption of indicators and reagents with our online calculation tools:

Once you have completed the calculation of your optimized consumption quantity, you can quickly and easily subscribe to the delivery of your original indicators and / or original reagents.

The advantages for you:

  • Warranty extension for your new instrument from 24 to 36 months
  • Graduated discounts according to purchase quantity: 5% from 3 bottles per year, 10% from 5 bottles per year
  • Time savings due to elimination of individual orders
  • Automatic sending of your necessary indicator quantities
  • Material savings by knowing your exact consumption quantities